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Yoga With Jaymit.

We, offers Yoga and Workshops to help you connect with your inner wisdom and live a more balanced life.

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Advance Yoga Teacher

Hi! I am Jaymit Mehta, an experienced yoga trainer with over 7+ years of Yoga Practice experience. I started my own instagram page @yoga_jaymit with only one goal- 'To inspire anyone and everyone to Yoga.' My vision is to encourage people to become healthy & fit with applying yoga in routine life style. I aspire to give an Online-Offline Yoga Session experience to all my Practitioners and give them the confidence to practice yoga! I believe, Yoga is not just physical exercise or postures; it unifies the body, the mind, the soul and the universe. It brings big changes in a person’s behaviour, thinking and attitude. I will say that yoga is more or less indispensable. If you want to be aware, perceptive, wise, strong and intuitive, you need to practise yoga.

Who is this course for?

✅ Beginner
✅ Intermediate
✅ Advanced

Why should you Buy This course?

To Practice from Beginner to Advanced Level.

What do you get in this course?

Advanced yoga tutorials, weight loss yoga methods, kids yoga practice, shuddhi kriya step by step.

Benefits and bonuses included

One on one interaction with jaymit sir.


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